About ME

This is me. —>

Looking very confused and pensive. But I wasn't always like that!

I grew up in the San Francisco area practicing theatre and martial arts (mostly karate). I longed to blend those two fields together because for me, movement is life. I FINALLY got my wish when I discovered the blossoming world of "Physical Theatre"... and thus began my lifelong journey to figure out what exactly that means to me. 

My Path

My curiosity has taken me all over the world as my taste for movement styles has grown. I've trained in circus and dance in Los Angeles, London, New York, Chicago, and beyond.

 My art is a constantly shifting sphere of traditional theatre, contemporary dance, daring circus, partner acrobatics, all wrapped in a great story.  

If you want to know more about with whom and where I've worked, check out my resume for a better idea. :P

My Passion

I am, at heart, a creator and a collaborator. I love to share my knowledge and passion for creating, moving, and performing with anyone who will listen. Hit me up if you want to create, play, or move with me!